Flat mold wood pellet machine

  1. Model:
  2. Material:Q235
  3. Use:Make wood pellets
  4. Color:Customizable
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Flat mold wood pellet machine is an efficient and environmentally friendly biomass energy equipment, which is mainly used to process various wood, bamboo chips, straw and other raw materials into wood pellets. 

Flat mold wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet fuel molding machine with wood chips, straw and other agricultural waste as raw materials. Through high-precision gear transmission and fast-discharge hoop ring die and other advanced technologies, to ensure efficient, stable and low noise production.

Flat mold wood pellet machine has a wide range of applications in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment and other fields, is one of the important equipment to realize the utilization of waste resources and energy saving and emission reduction.

Flat mold wood pellet machine adopts flat mold press wheel, which can realize the pressing of a variety of materials, and adopts a number of uniformly distributed press wheels at the same time, so that the pressing effect is more uniform and the production efficiency is higher.

Flat mold wood pellet machine has a variety of models and specifications, can meet the different scale and production needs of customers, while the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, to provide customers with a convenient production program.

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