1. Model:
  2. Material:Q235
  3. Use:Drying wood chips and wood pellets
  4. Color:Customizable
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Tumble dryer is an efficient and reliable drying equipment, which is widely used in various industries.

Efficient drying: The tumble dryer adopts advanced hot air circulation system and drum rotation design, which can quickly and evenly dry materials, greatly improving production efficiency.

Widely applicable: Tumble dryer is suitable for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry and other fields, can dry slag, limestone, coal powder, wood chips, wood particles, sawdust and other materials, to meet the drying needs of different industries.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The tumble dryer adopts advanced combustion system and heat recovery technology, which can maximize the utilization of heat energy, reduce energy consumption, and reduce exhaust emissions, in line with environmental protection requirements.

Simple operation: tumble dryer structure is simple, easy to operate, high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency.

Stable and reliable: The roller dryer uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, with stable and reliable performance and long service life to ensure the continuity and stability of production.

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