Stationary wood chipper

  1. Model:
  2. Material:Q235
  3. Use:Chip making
  4. Color:Customizable
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Wood chipper is a equipment for the production of wood chips, which can be used as raw materials for particleboard, fiberboard, paper making and wood pellet fuel. Fixed wood chipper is a kind of wood chipper, its main characteristics are as follows:

● The feeding method of the fixed wood chipper is divided into two types: horizontal and inclined, and the discharging method has two ways: upper discharging and lower discharging.

● Fixed wood chipper adopts international advanced cutter head and blade, cutter head and blade are made of special wear-resistant materials, long service life and high production efficiency.

● The electric control system of the fixed wood chipper adopts advanced PLC control, with automatic detection, alarm and automatic shutdown functions, simple operation, safe and reliable.

● The feed port and discharge port of the fixed wood chipper are specially designed, which can effectively prevent wood blockage and splashes, improve production efficiency and safety performance.

● The body of the fixed wood chipper is made of high quality steel and special technology, strong structure and durable.

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