Ring mold wood pellet machine

  1. Model:
  2. Material:Q235
  3. Use:Make wood pellets
  4. Color:Customizable
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Wood pellet machine is a biomass new energy equipment, mainly used for the production of wood pellets. It uses eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit, bamboo and crop straw as raw materials, and produces finished wood pellets through the processes of crushing, drying, screening, granulation, cooling and packaging. This kind of equipment has a wide range of applications in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment and other fields.

Wood pellet machine is divided into flat mold wood pellet machine and ring mold wood pellet machine, its host transmission adopts high-precision gear rotation, ring mold adopts quick-discharge hoop type, the whole machine transmission part adopts Swiss, Japanese high-quality bearings, to ensure efficient transmission and low noise.

Shandong Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company focused on the research and development, production, sales and installation of biomass pellet equipment, the main products are biomass compression molding equipment, urban and rural waste treatment equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, feed breeding equipment and environmental protection dust removal equipment five series of more than 200 varieties. Among them, wood pellet machine is one of their main products.

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