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Asphalt mixing plant

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  • Features of Asphalt Mixing Plant

    1.The original modular design of the mixing plant makes transport and installation work quick and convenient. It can separate extra-large flotsam from usable stuff.

    2. The loop belt feeder for the measuring hopper has a frequency-conversion speed regulator which can provide high and low speed. Its original structure facilitates belt change and makes material feeding more fluent, which reduces power consumption.

    3. The high-efficiency and heat-preservation drying drum and the special vanes make heat exchange more sufficient. Moreover, the high-efficiency and energy-saving imported burner can use both heavy oil and diesel, which reduces energy consumption.

    4. The vibrating screen adopts the linear and completely-closed design with the vibrator placed outside. The sieving efficiency is high, the maintenance and changing of screen is easy, and the imported bearings are more reliable.

    5. The main mixing machine designed with European technology has double reducers with a high-speed synchronization capacity. Accurately-weighed asphalt can be directly pumped into the agitating kettle and powder material can be conveyed into the agitating kettle through the helix, which makes agitating more even and speedy. Besides, it has an opening to add wood fiber and an inlet to add used material to be recycled.

    Model: LB500,LB750,LB1000,LB1500,LB2000,LB2500,LB3000,LB4000

    Our asphalt mixing plant is a new kind of building machinery which is developed by combining advanced international technology with the features fit for civil highway construction.

    Burner, sensor and other key components in this plant adopt the element of an international first-line brand.

    Among the advantages of our asphalt mixing plant include high degree of automation, reliability, and high accuracy of measurement, etc.

    It is the ideal device for the construction and maintenance of high-grade highways.

    The production capacity of our asphalt mixing plant is 40-320 t/h.


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