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  • With the advanced technology of electric motor concrete pump in the world, Saitong integrates with the improved experience and product concept to meet the requirement of high efficiency and low consumption of modern construction. The hydraulic system adopts double-pump double-circuit, and the pumping unit adopts the original high-pressure and large displacement variable oil pump. The product is mainly applied in urban construction, bridge construction, water conservancy, and tunnel construction. The main features are as follows: 

    1. Reasonable matching of power system, hydraulic system and pumping system, fully utilizing the maximum power of the generator.

    2. High material suction capability, the actual pumping efficiency could reach more than 80% of the theoretical value.

    3. Optimized configuration. It adopts the imported hydraulic components and electrical components, greatly improving the reliability of the equipment.

    4. Unique pipeline buffering technology, ensuring the correct swing of S pipe and prolonging the service life of S pipe.

    5. The application of high-low pressure switch simplifies the operation methods;

    6. The lubricating system adopts the automatic filling system of forced filtering and prepressing dual-pump, featuring adequate filling and excellent lubricating effect. 

    7. The application of new abrasive material and welding technology improves the service life of the wearing parts.

    8. The power system adopts the main pump of the international brand. The generator adopts the domestic famous brand, featuring strong power.

    9. The open hydraulic system and unique hydraulic buffering technology provide smaller impact and less heat for system reversing. Heavy load hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve of international famous brand features large displacement, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the concrete pump.

    10. Intelligent electrical control system optimizes the interface, featuring free operation. The intelligent control provides precise monitoring for the machine, and displaying the working condition simultaneously. 

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    Max. delivery pressure (MPa)


    Hydraulic system type

    Open type 

    Power type


    Rotation speed (r/min)


    Power (KW)


    Distributing valve type

    S valve 

    Cylinder bore (mm)


    Delivery cylinder bore (mm)


    High-low pressure switch


    Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L)


    Hopper capacity (m³)


    Filling height (mm)


    Dimension (mm)


    Overall weight (kg)


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