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Multistage Blower

Multistage centrifugal blower


  • C blowers are the latest products combining with the worldwide advanced technology and our rich producing experience, the blowers also apply several patent technologies to get high efficiency and energy saving.


    l  Applying optimizing design to the impeller and the blower casings to minimize the flow loss.

    l  Applying Optimization Method of Meridional Channel and Blade in 3 D Impeller to get the high aerodynamic efficiency.

    l  Applying sealing diversion technology to the inlet of the impeller to improve the inlet flow ability.

    l  Applying aerofoil type reflux blade technology to reduce the energy loss.

    l  Applying flow analysis technique to optimize the blower performance and improve the stage efficiency to above 78%.

    l  Applying 3D Flow Impellers to some models of C blowers.

    l  Applying strict dynamic balance to get low vibration, low noise, and high reliability.

    l  Applying advanced blower structure design to make an easy installation, operation and maintenance.



    Pressure Rise:19.6~98kPa


    Water and waste water treatment, vacuum dust cleaning, air knife drying, the flotation and separation, zinc plating and electroplating, oxygen filling, paper making and printing, and air combustion etc. fields.


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