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Jinan Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a group company mainly engaged in the manufacture and supply of mechanical products.

Construction machinery company. Tower crane is a fruitful cooperation with China Construction Engineering Institute; Make full use of group technology combination design and finite element analysis technology, make full use of tower crane "microcomputer design platform", and manufacture the most advanced and advanced Tower crane; The safety, reliability and stability of tower cranes are better than national standards.

Over the years, SHDCN Machinery has provided hundreds of large-scale machinery and equipment for various national road and bridge companies, large-scale power station projects and high-rise buildings

Equipments. Customers are all satisfied with our products.

The company implements national quality system standards and environmental management system certification. The products have been proved by the majority of customers, with excellent equipment performance, reliable product quality, and thoughtful technical services. They are deeply trusted and praised by users. In the market competition Leading.

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