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Tower Crane Collapsed
  • 2022-08-03 09:24:36
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Tower Crane Collapsed

Construction site accidents emerge in an endless stream, among which tower crane collapse accidents are often the most serious. Here we will list some of the more common reasons for tower crane collapse accidents: 1. Installation and disassembly workers are unqualified or unlicensed to undertake disassembly and assembly tasks. 2. There is no plan or safety technical disclosure during installation and disassembly, and it is entirely based on experience. 3. Blindly trying to save trouble during operation violates the installation and removal order. 4. The operating and commanding personnel took up posts without a license and commanded in violation of regulations. Such as overload lifting, inclined lifting, etc. 5. The daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment are insufficient, resulting in mechanical safety hazards in the tower crane. 6. Design problems. The design of the torque limit has defects and insufficient sensitivity; the design of the steel structure is unreasonable, and the design of the hydraulic system is deviated. 7. Spare parts problem. Torque limit quality problems, steel material problems; hydraulic system quality problems, etc. 8. The welding of steel structure does not meet the requirements. For example, the height of the welding seam is not enough, lack of welding, especially the welding quality problems in some important connection parts, etc.

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