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Jib crane is a kind of crane with luffing jib and can rotate up and down. The amplitude can be changed by adjusting the angle of boom.

Jib crane can be up and down slewing crane. Compared with the horizontal boom Tower Crane, "beam" structure has better stability performance. The proportion of boom structure in the whole structure weight is smaller, and the maximum lifting capacity is larger.

In addition to the functions of external climbing, internal climbing and walking, the large jib crane has special functions (1) large lifting capacity. Modern large-scale construction projects adopt steel or steel and concrete composite structure. The weight of hoisting unit is greatly increased. The special-shaped and combined structure usually reaches 32 tons, and the maximum is more than 80 tons. Therefore, large jib cranes are equipped with heavy main hoisting system, and the maximum lifting capacity is usually between 32 and 100 tons. (2) Due to the special climbing system adopted in the large lifting height, the crane can climb along with the whole building structure, and the lifting height is greatly increased. (3) The lifting speed is high, the lifting structure is high power, especially the self provided internal combustion engine driving scheme is adopted, and the lifting speed with load is more than 100m / min.

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