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New construction Tower Crane
  • 2022-03-20 19:41:15
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remote control tower crane

New construction Tower Crane

Tower crane is the main components of tower lifting machinery: foundation, tower body, jacking, turning, lifting, balancing arm, lifting arm, lifting trolley, tower top, driver's cab, luffing and other parts.

The foundation of the tower crane: the foundation of the tower crane is the foundation of the tower crane, which is an important factor affecting the overall stability of the tower crane.The stability of the tower crane is its ability to resist overturning. The biggest accident of the tower crane is overturning and collapsing.

The length of the side of the tower crane is generally about two meters, such as 1.7 meters, 2 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.7 meters, larger also has more than three meters.

The height of the tower crane is also different.Generally divided into two kinds of free height and adhesion height.The general free height is about 50 meters;The general adhesion height is

200 meters or so, the height can reach more than 300 meters.The jacking of tower crane: general when installing for the first time, according to the size of tower crane installation has an independent height, the empty space of this height rises as the house one layer also decreases bit by bit, when the distance is less than 10 meters, tower crane hoisting begins to appear difficulty, influence hoisting.Therefore, the tower crane must be raised again (the tower crane is a jack-up type in general), the tower crane will be raised to a certain height again, this process is called jacking, because the tower crane jacked up the standard section by section with its own hydraulic facilities, so the habit is called jacking.

Slewing of tower crane: the slewing mechanism of tower crane is divided into lower slewing mechanism and upper slewing mechanism.

Lifting of the tower crane: lifting is the vertical lifting of the tower crane hook. The lifting mechanism makes the heavy objects rise and fall vertically.

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