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Tower Crane Introduction
  • 2022-07-23 10:49:56
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A tower crane is a slewing crane whose boom is mounted on the top of a towering tower. It has a large working range and is mainly used for vertical transportation of materials and component installation in multi-storey and high-rise building construction. It consists of three parts: metal structure, working mechanism and electrical system. Metal structures include towers, booms, bases, attachment rods, etc. The working mechanism has four parts: lifting, luffing, turning and walking. The electrical system includes motors, controllers, power distribution boxes, connecting lines, signals and lighting devices.
There are two types of tower cranes: upper-rotating and lower-rotating:
1. Upper rotary tower crane: The tower body does not rotate, and the boom, balance arm, etc. above the slewing support are fully rotated around the center line of the tower body through the slewing mechanism. According to the requirements of use, it is divided into running type, fixed type, attached type and inner climbing type. The running tower crane can run along the track, has a large working range and a wide range of applications, and is suitable for multi-storey building construction; if the crane base is fixed on the track or the tower body is directly fixed on the foundation, it becomes a fixed tower crane. Its boom is longer; if the tower body of a fixed tower crane is connected to the building with an attachment rod at a certain height, it is an attached tower crane. It is used for high-rise building construction; the crane is installed in the elevator shaft or other wellbore or connected holes, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to make the crane climb up along the wellbore according to the construction process, which is called an inner climbing tower crane. Part of the tower body is saved, the service scope is large, and the construction site is not occupied, but there are certain requirements for the structure of the building.
2. Lower rotary tower crane: The slewing bearing is installed between the base and the turntable. Except for the traveling mechanism, other working mechanisms are arranged on the turntable to rotate together. In addition to the track type, there are also the crawler type and the tire type with the crawler chassis and the tire chassis as the running device. It has a low center of gravity, can be disassembled and transferred as a whole, light and flexible, widely used, and suitable for multi-storey building construction.

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