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Surprising!On March 28, the construction site of Shaoxing construction site was suddenly onset of a 30 -meter -high tower crane
  • 2022-09-23 10:06:30
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According to media reports: On the afternoon of March 28, a thrilling construction site in Zhuji City, Shaoxing TOWER CRANE Construction scene, a tower crane driver suddenly became trapped on a tower crane at a height of more than 30 meters high. High -altitude, the situation is very critical! After receiving the local report, the staff of the fire rescue station immediately transferred to the scene to deal with it. According to informed workers, the driver of the tower crane suddenly halfway was unreasonable and was trapped in a 35 -meter -high tower crane cockpit. According to the situation at the scene, fire rescue workers wear personal protection equipment and climb up the tower crane with ropes to rescue; it is reported that the driver was paralyzed on the driver's seat when the cockpit reached the cockpit of the tower. After lifting it out of the cockpit, use the rope for rescue. After more than an hour of rescue, the pagoda driver was finally rescued.

The platform space of the tower crane is small, and various emergencies are unpredictable, and there will be some hidden dangers during construction, including but not limited to the following: 1. Breakhill bolt, 2. Damage to the pressure gauge, 3. Damage of oil pipes, 4. Disclosure of hydraulic oil, 5. Direction wheels, 6. Excessive gaps, standard norms, etc., all need to be focused on observation of the building construction party. The place. Regarding how to effectively prevent the trapped tower hanging, timely discover the workers' abnormal state to avoid irreparable accidents, the construction building party recommends that consider transforming and upgrading in the digital direction, and using smart means such as smart construction sites to resolve dangerous situations,

Further ensure the safety of construction workers.

The smart construction site takes digital technology as a link to achieve the safe and stable operation of construction construction projects.

The Global Communist Tower Crane safety monitoring system solution adopts advanced embedded technology, through the mechanical real -time wireless transmission of the tower crane running status on the tower machine, all enter [Black Box], the terminal can collect tower cranes The fingerprint information of the lift operator can compare the fingerprint data recorded by the monitoring platform to determine the identity of the operator and lay the foundation for further improvement of the management of the operator. Take a regular photo of the tower crane driver in attendance to determine whether it is operated by the tower crane driver. You can conduct remote inspections from time to time to avoid other non -certified drivers illegally operating.同时监测单台塔吊的运mobile tower crane行安全指标,包括吊重、升降机载重、起重力矩、塔吊变幅、塔吊、升降机高度、塔吊工作回转角、塔身倾斜角度及The operating environment wind speed issued voice warning and alarm when the rated limit is near the rated limit.

Project construction is a very complicated work. Various unsatisfactory factors are intertwined with each other, and it will cause unpredictable consequences without paying attention. Finally, I will remind you here: Strengthen the safety supervision, you and I have a responsibility.The loss.(The incident in the article comes from the Internet, invading and deleting TOWER CRANES .)

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