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There is no danger!The water level of the Dazhou River rises, the woman's trapped river tower crane (Photos)
  • 2022-09-23 10:06:17
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The trapped woman

Sichuan News Network Dazhou, July 5th (Li Jiwei reporter Yu Kaiyang) At 3:40 pm on July 4, the water level in the city section of the state rivers rose sharply. In the river section next to the Sanliping gas station in Dachuan District, the female master who originally operated on the tower crane was trapped on the tower crane before they had time to escape.

After receiving the alarm call from the citizen, the Dazhou Fire Detachment Southwai Squadron quickly dispatched 1 fire truck and 6 officers and soldiers to bring relevant waters rescue equipment to the scene for rescue.

The woman was rescued ashore

After the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, they asked the crowd and insiders to learn that due to the recent raining to the upstream, the upstream rose, which caused the trapped people Unable to return to the shore, the on -site tower crane is about 30 meters from the shore, but fortunately, the water flow is relatively smooth. After comprehensive research and judgment, a good water -based officer and soldiers wore personal water rescue equipment and carried life jackets and safety ropes to the trapped personnel. Subsequently, the warrior was sent to a life jacket for PriceS of Tower Cranes , while fixing the safety rope on the tower crane while fixing the safety rope. Under the multiple protection of safety ropes, life -saving circles, and fire soldiers, more than 20 points were trapped Tower Cranes to go ashore after the clock. ( Mobile Tower Crane Figure Dazhou Fire Detachment)

Fire rescue

The end

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