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Jining City Examination Signal Signal Work Documents Registration Conditions 2022 Exam Time Easy Salary Raise
  • 2022-09-23 10:05:46
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Due to long -term use, the quality problems of parts are inevitable. Therefore, the relevant personnel should regularly check the quality of each part of the tower crane during the use process to ensure that the tower crane can be used normally during the construction process. And the heavy arm in the tower should rely on the direction of the wind to better maintain and manage the tower crane. Common lifting cables and sinks, common lifting machinery, the preparation and construction management of the lifting scheme, the lifting operation of the lifting, and the lifting of the command signal. This book aims at the characteristics of the signaling work of the building. In terms of science, practicality, and applicable principles, the content is in -pendant, the language is easy to understand, the forms are well -known, systematic, and operable. Signal Division Follower Training Content: Basic knowledge, master the use of heavy command signals, correct the basic requirement of the rope card and the operation skills of the pulley to wear, and often use the method of editing of the rope and explain its application. Unload, hanging rings, rope cards and other cranes.

my country's tower machine industry started in the 20th century. Compared to the downturn of the pagoda industry caused by the weak construction industry in Central and Western countries, my country's tower machine industry It is in a rapid development period. From the perspective of the technical development of the tower machine, although the new products are emerging endlessly, new products are improved in production efficiency and operation Tower Crane Construction in storage, easy maintenance and reliable operation. There is no fundamental change. The research of the tower machine is developing in a combined development. The so -called combined type is based on the structure of the tower body, according to the characteristics of structure and function, the tower has a few parts of the tower, and in accordance with the requirements of series and generalization, follow the principle of the modulus. Crane is divided into several modules. According to the requirements of the parameters, the appropriate module is composed of Mini Tower Crane tower machines with different technical performance characteristics to meet the specific needs of construction. Promoting a combined tower machine helps to speed up the development of tower machine products, save product development costs, and better serve customers.

Training assessment content:

The training adopts a unified training textbook and outline. The training content includes safety technical theoretical training and practical training training.

After the theory and practical training of various types of work, the Provincial Safety Association organizes theory and practical operation assessment. Those who pass the assessment will be issued to the "Qualification Book of Special Operations for Construction Construction"

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