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Zoomlion acquired the leading manufacturer of global tower machines Wilbert's high starting point to enter the European high -end tower market
  • 2022-09-23 10:05:31
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Zoomlion acquired Wilbert, the leading manufacturer of global tower machines

The high starting point entered the European high -end tower market, promoting the tower machine business covering the world Self ERECTING TOWER CRANE [

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Huasheng Online November 27th (Hunan Daily · Huasheng Online Reporter Huang Lifei) At the Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition, which was launched today, Tower Cranes The leading manufacturer and the leading company of the European tower machine -Germany's Wilbert 100%equity, and signed relevant strategic agreements. This is another [Big Course] implemented by Zhonglian Heavy Section [going global] overseas strategy, marking the high starting point of its tower machine business to enter the European high -end tower market, which has taken a critical step for the final promotion of corporate tower machine business to cover the world. Essence

Wilbert, Germany has a history of more than 80 years. It is the world's leading amplitude of the motion arm tower machine and the third -ranking tower leasing dealer in Europe. Its high -end tower machine European market share First.

As the largest tower machine manufacturer in China, Zhonglian Heavy Section has produced many star products, and has set up [the world's largest flat -headed tower machine] [the world's longest arm frame] two Guinness world records, tower machine machines The market share of the product has maintained the first in the country for many years. The world's first tower machine and lift smart production lines are currently being constructed.

The relevant person in charge of Zhonglian Zhongke introduced that the acquisition was in line with the development strategy of Zhonglian Heavy Division to strengthen the excellent construction machinery sector. With Wilbert's strong union, Zoomlion will absorb the top international brands

Mobile Tower Crane verification technology to quickly realize self -improvement; Rich business resources to enter the European and American high -end tower market. Wilbert can quickly expand sales scale and increase market share with the strong marketing network and capital advantages of Zhonglian Heavy Section. The two sides can also use their respective resources to reduce procurement costs, coordinated development, and win -win cooperation.

Since 2001, Zhonglian Zhongke has begun transnational mergers and acquisitions and internationalization journey, and is one of the earliest companies in China's construction machinery industry. From Porsche, UK to CIFA, Italy, from Raxtar in the Netherlands to M-TEC in Germany, the multinational mergers and acquisitions of Zhonglian Zhongke are fruitful. The acquisition will become another wonderful case for Chinese companies' multinational mergers and acquisitions.

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